3 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Learn Food Photography


To keep yourself in a race of this competitive field of food photography, it is essential to keep on learning every day. You can find multiple sources to upgrade your knowledge and skills, from books and blogs to the best YouTube channels.⁣

My preferred method of learning is YouTube. I`ve been learning there since I got my camera. From the settings on a camera, lighting sources, the first food photography setup to the editing process, this is all easy to find on YouTube.⁣


Here are 3 of the best YouTube Channels that impacted my knowledge incredibly in the food photography field.⁣

@thebiteshot. If you are not following The Bite Shot yet, go and check her out, I promise after you watch one of Joanie’s videos, you are hooked up. She is a charismatic person and a professional photographer with an impressive talent to teach photography.⁣

That’s Sage by @lauren.caris. If you are looking for tips in natural light food photography or for creating a stylish composition, you should not miss any of Lauren’s videos. She is doing such a great job of explaining photography topics.⁣

@figandlight. Brandon teaches food photography with an emphasis on lighting, and he does it very informative and clearly to the viewer. With his tutorials, you can sneak a peek behind the scenes process of photography creation in terms of lighting.

Those are the three youtube channels I learn with. My food photos are enhanced only because I am using the tips they have provided.⁣

Do you have any favourites to share?⁣



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